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Indian Railway Officials to communicate only in Hindi and English?!!

Recently, there was an incident due to the confusion that was created between the railway officials who spoke in a regional languages. After becoming aware of the incident. South Railways had issued a circular and suggested Railway officials to speak only in English or Hindi. Opposition parties have criticized this circular of Southern Railway.

The circular states that station masters should talk to the control office only in English or Hindi. The use of any regional language should be avoided.

According to the circular, the suggestions given in the circular will be followed by the designated officers. The circular states that the purpose of this circular is to improve the contact between the control office and station masters.

Significantly, in the southern part of India, mainly four languages ​​- Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam are spoken, and most of the South Indian people know only one of these languages. On the other hand, the opposition has criticized this circular, because in South Indian states, especially in Tamil Nadu, Hindi is generally opposed.

Recently, the proposed three-language formula under the National Education Policy 2019 was strongly opposed by all the parties, including the main opposition DMK in Tamil Nadu had alleged that it was an attempt to impose Hindi over Tamil. After this, the government of the ruling AIADMK had announced that it would continue the two-language formula in the state.

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