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Indian team will not eat tart and sweet food to qualify at Tokyo Olympics


  • Indian team won FIH hockey series in Hiroshima last month
  • Qualifier for the 2020 Tokyo Olympiak will be in November

new Delhi. The Indian women’s hockey team will not be much sweeter and sweet. Women hockey players have been told not to enjoy their favorite spicy food and sweets. This decision has been taken to increase the team’s probability to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. The Indian team won the FIH hockey series in Hiroshima last month. The team is preparing for the Olympic qualifiers to be held in November.

The most fit Indian team: Captain Rani Rampal

  1. Captain Rani Rampal claimed that this is the most fit Indian team in the long run. He praised the Scientific Advisor Wayne Lombard for this change. Rani said, “I can say that this is the most fit Indian women’s hockey team that I have seen.” Lombard is working hard on every player, we are all following his diet menu, the results are in front of everyone. ”

  2. Rani said, “We have given up sweet, chocolate, tart and more oil, we are now taking a balanced diet of low carbohydrate, which makes the team’s players feel better, players can cheat on food. , But can not do so consistently. ”

  3. The Indian captain said in a funny accent, “When I came back from Japan, I wanted to eat mamma-made rajma-rice, they allowed it, but this can not be done continuously, it was an experience of learning for us. After that our team did well. ”

  4. The best performance of the Indian women team at the 1980 Olympics was in Moscow. Then Team India was in fourth place. After this, the Indian team reached the Olympics in 36 years in 2016. Then at 12th place. Team India lost 4 out of 5 matches. A successful draw was successful.

  5. On the expectations of winning the medal in the Olympics, Rani said, “First of all, we have to qualify.” I am sure we will do that. We have the ability to win a medal: Ranking in world hockey does not matter today, no team except the Netherlands May beat any team on their day. ”

  6. Indian captain said, “We have taken inspiration from the recent performances of athletes Heema Das and Dutty Chand, who won five consecutive gold medals.” Dutta also increased the honor of the country, India is moving ahead with girls in the games, Why stay behind. ”

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