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Investor sues 3xbit after having R $ 300 thousand transferred from his account to NegocieCoins


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A case of R $ 300 thousand made by an investor in 3xbit ended up in court after the money was transferred to an account on the NegocieCoins platform, a company of the Bitcoin Banco Group (GBB). The judge of the 12th Civil Court of Santos, however, denied the investor's injunction to have 3xbit accounts blocked.

The client filed a lawsuit requesting that the contract with 3xbit be terminated, in addition to the refund of amounts related to money invested in the company. The issue, however, is quite confusing. Not even that investor was informed by the company about his access account on the 3xbit website.

Without login, password and access to your account, it was as if it did not exist. Tracking what had funds in the account, then, was impossible. Upon contacting the company, as stated in the process, this investor "was informed by the managing partner of 3xbit that his contribution in the amount of R $ 300 thousand was transferred to the platform of the company NegocieCoins".

3xbit and the suspicious transfer

According to the document to which the Bitcoin Portal had access, there is no way of specifying whether the partner in question was Saint Clair Izidoro or Octávio de Paula. The point, however, is that despite the fact that the 3xbit platform transferred this amount to NegocieCoins, the investor maintained that “he never agreed to any contract with the company NegocieCoins.”

The investor would have given his acceptance to one of the defendants in this process, Gabriel Candido Belloni, "to advise and mediate the deal with the defendant's 3xbit platform". He further demonstrated that the deposit was made directly to the cryptocurrency company.

Belloni, who was mentioned by the investor, was a managing partner of the company Captal Serviços Digitais S / A, which also appears in the lawsuit as a defendant. This privately-held corporation, however, has been active for a short time, since July 2019.

Although Gabriel Belloni is no longer in the corporate structure with the IRS, his personal e-mail appears as the company's e-mail address.

Order denied

The investor, who sued 3xbit, Gabriel Belloni and Captal Serviços Digitais, still managed to recover part of the amount invested. It is not known, however, how much this customer managed to get back.

What we have for information is that the value of the share is R $ 204,287.10. There is no way to state that this would be the remaining amount that would still be incarcerated, as part of it may be related to a probable claim for indemnity for moral damages.

The investor said in the process "to have been the victim of a coup orchestrated by the defendants, which is why he intends, in an urgent character, for arrest measures".

The fact, however, is that Judge Glauce Helena Raphael Vicente Rodrigues denied the request for urgent relief to block 3xbit's accounts. She understood that the injunction was unsustainable and that it would be necessary to hear the other party about the complicated case.

“The elements of conviction presented at the outset, in summary analysis, do not support the claim of the author, either with regard to the perishing of the claimed right, or as regards the suspicions that the defendants committed some type of fraud or scam. In fact, the issues raised depend on a better probationary delay, with observance of the adversary and the possibility of ample defense ”.

Reply from 3xbit

The report contacted Saint Clair, CEO of 3xbit, to comment on the matter. However, he limited himself to saying that he would see what the case is about in court.

When asked about 3xbit's relationship with Captal, he mentioned that it is "the same as the platform had with G2 Consultoria Investimentos". Captal was one of the intermediaries in negotiations between the cryptocurrency company and investors.

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