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IOTA Launches Technology Workshops


IOTA is an innovative cryptocurrency in that it does not use traditional blockchain mechanisms. Instead, IOTA has innovated the Tangle, a completely new technology through which it dispenses its cryptocurrency, the MIOTA. It wishes to use this technology and its currency to create and develop the IoT or ‘Internet of Things’.

Given these novel technologies, which are soon to become standardised, IOTA has created technological workshops to help members of the community and newcomers understand IOTA technology.

The workshops assist in understanding the programming languages of C, Go, JavaScript and Python. The bespoke aspect of the lessons is that they teach these languages in the context of IOTA, helping developers learn how to interact with the Tangle. The lessons teach “common” things that a coder would do with the programming libraries and give examples, allowing users to understand how to do these interactions.

Go Client Library

Go is a language which has increased in popularity over the years. It functions much like a higher-level language but has the high performance characteristic of lower-level languages.

The Go Client Library for IOTA offers the basic functionality that a user needs in order to interact with the Tangle. It is being actively used in the GoShimmer prototype for Coordicide.

Entangled Client Library

The ‘Entangled Client Library’ is the client library for the programming language, C. It is one of the more difficult libraries to work with due to C, which is a low-level programming language. It has the benefits of high performance but needs a lot of intervention in terms of programming.

The Entangled client library was built from scratch by the IOTA team and may need a workshop for the uninitiated.


JavaScript/Typescript is used frequently in the IOTA Ecosystem, such as in the Trinity Wallet software. It is also seen in proofs-of-concept built by both the Foundation and the community.

The JavaScript workshop was therefore the first one to be prepared.

PyOTA Client Library

The PyOTA is a Python-based client library for IOTA which covers all the basic functionalities needed to interact with the Tangle.

Python is one of the most popular high-level programming languages and is used in a range of applications. This includes data science, automation and web development, making Python one of the languages which programmers should learn first.



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