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IOTA {MIOTA} expected to surge as Ralph Lauren chooses to move forward with digitization

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Ralph Lauren will soon digitize their clothing line. A deal involving the IOT platform Evrythng and Avery Dennison transpired a short while ago. Previously, Evrythng, Avery Dennison, and the IOTA Foundation had worked together [in relation with Alyx]. Evrythng will attend to Data Infrastructure and digitization; whereas Avery Dennison will look after printing product labels [with the help of Janela].

Ladies and Gentlemen can check out the official press release. The phenomenon of digitization [inclusion of digital identities for products across an entire spectrum] has caught in especially in China, where VeChain had teamed up with Walmark, and now ASI Group to unleash Foodgates.

DI can help one track the complete journey of specific items. Depending on the respective application, people will soon be able to effectively peer through a full cycle linked to a product. The ones making the purchase shall thus be able to make an informed decision as they’d be able to discover crucial information pertaining to clothes [in case of Ralph Lauren].

Sergey Ivancheglo is a co-founder and developer associated with the IOTA project. Recently, a rather surprising development occurred which shocked $MIOTA enthusiasts. Close to the end of July, Sergey left the Foundation. Now, he has announced that he has sold his entire share of IOTA. The main reason [according to this individual] is to prevent a “conflict of interest”.

A couple of years ago when Litecoin had hit an ATH mark, Charlie Lee sold off his LTC coins. This had attracted serious criticism from within the ecosystem. Charlie used the exact same excuse to justify the nature of his actions.

IOTA is currently positioned at #20 to the south of Cosmos in the market. The trading volume recorded stands at roughly $7.901 million, while the total market cap of IOTA amounts to $736.339 million. The price plunged marginally, at a rate of 1.88% in the course of the past 24-hours. This, in turn, caused $MIOTA to sink all the way down towards the $0.264915 mark where it presently rests.

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