Jacquline Fernandes New Tik-Tok video has more than 2 million views in one day!?

Source: Wikimedia

Bollywood Actress, Jacqueline Fernandes shared a video on her Instagram account.  This video is taken along with the famous make-up artist Mickey Contractor on the Chinese App ‘Tik-Tok’.

In this video, Jacqueline Fernandez asks Mikey Contractor, ‘3 plus 3 is equal to 8’. On this, Mikey asks ‘how’, then Jacqueline puts it on the pitch and says ‘by mistake’. Both of them are having a lot of fun in the video.

Along with the video, Jacqueline wrote ‘I’m sorry Mickey that I did this with you’

 This video has more than two million views in a single day. 

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