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Jeff Koons auctions his Rabbit for 91 million dollars

The famous three-foot tall stainless steel rabbit was sold at a record of a whopping 91.07 million dollars. The deal took place at Christie’s Auction House located in New York, on Wednesday.

Art dealer Robert Mnuchin, who is coincidentally the father of the secretary of the treasury, bought the item. A while back, S.I. Newhouse, the owner of Conde Nast, had the Rabbit in his possession.

It is now the most pricey piece of art made by an artist who’s still breathing.

Newhouse’s Vincent van Gogh landscape “Arbres Dans le Jardin de L’asile,” and the Paul Cézanne still life “Bouilloire et Fruits” together raked in more than 99 million dollars.

The description of the rabbit labeled it as calm, cute, and versatile with a mysterious look.

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