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Jesse Combs: ‘Fastest woman on four wheels’ dies in jet car crash

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The U.S. extreme athlete Jessi Combs was considered the “fastest woman on four wheels”. Now she has paid for the attempt at a new speed record with her life. The 39-year-old crashed her vehicle in the Alvord Desert in Oregon, police said Wednesday. “The cause of the accident is currently unknown and is under investigation,” police said. The accident happened on Tuesday.

The 39-year-old was a member of the North American Eagle racing team, which announced the driver’s death on its website. Her family also confirmed the fatal crash on social media. Combs was alone in the jet-powered race car.

“On August 27, at about 4 p.m., we received an emergency call saying that a rocket-propelled vehicle setting a speed record had crashed in the Alvord Desert. There had been one fatality,” police said. The pilot, also known from US television shows, set a speed record of 640 kilometers per hour in 2013 with a vehicle with a jet engine. She wanted to break her own record now. By 2018, it had already exceeded a speed of 680 kilometers per hour, according to specialist websites. Due to a mechanical problem, however, the record could not be officially confirmed.

Combs had the goal of breaking a record set in 1976 by the stuntwoman Kitty O’Neil: the “fastest woman in the world” had reached 825 kilometers per hour in the Alvord desert. Her vehicle had three wheels – which is why Combs was considered the fastest woman on four wheels.

She has appeared in shows such as “MythBusters – The Knowledge Hunters”, “XTreme 4″4” and “All Girls Garage”.


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