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Jukiota Turns Spotify Into an IOTA-Enabled Jukebox


A very interesting implementation of IOTA’s ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) has just been discovered by the IOTA community. Jukiota turns the popular music-streaming application, Spotify, into a virtual ‘jukebox’ through which users can queue songs using their IOTA cryptocurrency tokens.

The website allows users to add songs to someone’s queue by sending IOTA transactions to the latter’s address. More IOTA pushes a song higher up into the queue by Jukiota which controls the user’s Spotify playlist to play the songs. There are also public community playlists to which people can contribute.

Reassuringly, the application runs inside browsers and does not submit user data to the server. This means that it does not store user addresses or chosen songs. This is because the browser connects directly to Spotify through the Tangle and there is thus no server interaction and no cookies stored.

Members of the IOTA community on Reddit seemed enthusiastic about the innovation. Many came up with many real-use cases in which Jukiota might be useful. Most are in group settings such as a party or a disco where people can send their requested song to an address, with IOTA backing their request and queuing them accordingly. The concept thus increases the democratisation of song selection in group settings. This could also be applied in an office setting, based on the personal experience of one Reddit user in the comments. This community member has an office which uses the app ‘Sonos’ to play music through streaming services. Anyone who has the app in the office can control the music. This Jukebox application would allow songs to be queued which have the most IOTA backing it. If more people like the queued song, they can ‘upvote’ the song using IOTA, making the whole process much more democratic.

Internet of Things

IOTA is built on the principle that machines and devices are used in every aspect of our lives, be it a simple vending machine, or a parking meter, and by interconnecting these machines, we can achieve the ‘Internet of Things’. It wishes to do this using decentralised ledger technology on its blockchain-like platform, the Tangle.

Applications such as Jukiota are just one example of how cryptocurrency can fuel the Internet of Things.



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