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Justice blocks accounts of Valor Invest, a company whose partner is accused of participating in the murder


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The São Paulo court ordered the accounts of Valor Invest and its partner Edgar Accioli to be blocked in favor of an investor who contributed R $ 56,122.00 in cryptocurrency trading at the company. The judge of the 6th Civil Court of Osasco also ordered the blocking of the accounts of the exchange Braziliex.

The preliminary decision was handed down, last Monday (17th), by Judge Renata Soubhie Nogueira Borio. The magistrate granted the advance protection requested by the client of Valor Invest, after, then, verifying the risk of that person never having the amount invested in cryptocurrency trading back.

The whole story started in October 2018, when the investor signed a cryptocurrency investment contract. This investor invested more than R $ 56 thousand, which was proven with copies of deposits in the records.

Value Invest blocked

After June 2019, this investor then tried to make withdrawals that had already been requested. He argued that Valor Invest did not make any transfers to his account.

The company, suspected of operating in a pyramid scheme with cryptocurrencies, claimed at the time that "there was no date for the release of the amounts". The investor, however, was afraid of losing the money after "all the defendant's employees were dismissed, ending their activities".

Faced with this scenario, Borio then answered the injunction:

“The unequivocal proof of the verisimilitude of the allegations is demonstrated by the attached documents where it indicates the probability of the author's right. The well-founded fear of irreparable damage is blatant, as the author may not receive the amounts ”.

The magistrate also accepted the request to disregard the legal personality and include the defendant in the lawsuit, Edgar Accioli, as a defendant in the process.

"I agree with the disregard of the legal personality, since the defendant Edgar is in detention and the allegation of insolvency of the plaintiff, keeping the defendant Edgar in the pole".

In addition to Valor Invest, the cryptocurrency broker Braziliex responds to this lawsuit. The company should also suffer “the blocking of R $ 56,122.00 in the account via Bacenjud, until a final decision”.

Braziliex told the Bitcoin Portal that the company never had an account with the broker and called the process absurd.

Edgar Accioli should be cited for the lawsuit, as well as for the blocking of his accounts through a Justice Officer, and he is in detention.

Valor Investor partner was arrested in August last year on suspicion of participating in the murder of lawyer Francisco de Assis Henrique, who died in June at a gas station at Av. Washington Luís, in São Paulo.

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