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Justice blocks R $ 3 million for sale of luxury property by partner of kidnapped businessman from Santos


Photo by Paulo Bilibio in 2014, when he promoted the BBom financial pyramid in Guarujá (Photo: Reproduction)

The São Paulo Justice granted Guilherme Aere dos Santos' preliminary injunction and arrested R $ 3 million received by BWA's partner in the sale of a luxury property. The process is in secret, but there is some information about him and the arrest in the General Registry of the referred property.

O Bitcoin Portal had access to the referred public document that deals with an apartment in Santos, belonging to Jéssica da Silva Farias, managing partner of BWA. However, she, like Paulo Bilibio Ramos and his son, Bruno Henrique Maida Bilibio, is no longer in the country.

Although there have been other blocks granted by the courts, this is the first time that a client has managed to achieve a good. The fact, however, is that the more than 360m² property, located at Residencial L’Art Vila Rica, had been sold to others in October for R $ 3 million.

BWA partner executed

The judge, then, of the 12th Civil Court of São Paulo decided to seize the amount referring to this sale of the apartment and ordered Jéssica Farias to be appointed as the faithful depositary of this millionaire amount, as stated in the property's registration number 10.

One fact, in the midst of all this, that draws attention is that the partner of the company BWA, suspected of fraudulent activity with cryptocurrencies, had bought this apartment for R $ 4,910,000.00 a few months before disposing of it.

In May 2019 she had paid R $ 1,910,000.00 more than the amount paid by the couple Rogério Aguiar de Paiva and Ana Paula Deleuse de Paiva, who acquired the property in October.

The real estate registry contains the purchase and sale promise dated in November. However, there is a contract for this transaction registered a month earlier. This document is attached to the apartment's public record. In both documents, the R $ 3 million has already been received by Jéssica Farias.

Strange transaction

Guilherme Aere's lawyer, Samir Farhat, from Arbach & Farhat Sociedade de Advogados, said that this promise to buy and sell is somewhat strange.

“The characteristics and elements (practical and legal) of this promise to sell to third parties are far from the usual, in operations of this nature and value. Considering that this property belongs to one of the company's partners, it could serve to indemnify people who were injured by BWA Brasil or any of the companies in the economic group ”.

According to the lawyer, legally the transfer of ownership of this property to third parties has not yet taken place. "The context and the legal reflexes of this sale promise will certainly be analyzed by the Judiciary".

Farhat explained that he has been following the growing demands in court against BWA that began in December and now account for more than 100. According to the lawyer, many of these actions included informal partners and other companies related to BWA Brasil's activities.

"From the processes we were able to analyze, there are even consumers relating BWA Brasil to Negociecoins, which is undergoing judicial recovery, as well as Mr. Claudio José de Oliveira, owner of Negociecoins," he said.

Suspected fraud

He said that there is no denying the "existence of a consumer relationship between BWA Brasil and its customers", which in his view facilitates the construction of this property.

On the other hand, the lawyer mentioned that "BWA Brasil and its partners planned a sophisticated asset emptying before they stopped paying their customers".

Farhat believes that BWA acted in fraudulent activity. He also advised people to be wary of investment firms that promise yields to go against the market.

“In these cases, there is always a high chance of some kind of fraud, whether in the scheme known as the“ pyramid ”or any other structure previously designed to harm people. It is necessary to be careful, because it is difficult to find equity of the company or of the partners to satisfy the debt ”.

BWA debt

The lawsuit is a civil execution, that is, a process by which the existence of the debt itself is not discussed and this differs from the other more than 100 common lawsuits that are being processed in the São Paulo Court against BWA.

There is no information on the details of this process because it is under secrecy. However, the amount of the foreclosure points out that this is the investment of R $ 3 million made by Guilherme Aere dos Santos in November 2018.

The transaction allegedly took place using BWA's arbitration technology through a company called Calegari.

Santos had become the main suspect in being responsible for the kidnapping of the BWA owner. In testimony, however, he denied having participated in the crime that occurred in late 2018.

Santos reported to the Police that he had purchased Bitcoins through BWA, but had his cryptocurrencies retained in one of the companies of the Bitcoin Bank (GBB) group. He said he only sought out the businessman to collect the debt because Bilibio had promised to solve the GBB problem.

In the same testimony given to the Police, Santos stated that Bilibio was the true owner of Bitcoin Bank, which was denied by the Santos businessman.

Decision without effect

Earlier this month, BWA members were banned from traveling internationally. The decision, however, had no practical effect since the partners had already left the country.

Paulo Bilibio Ramos and his son Bruno Henrique Maida Bilibio went to the United States after scandals broke out around the company.

BWA had stopped paying hundreds of investors and even promised to resolve the situation until the 15th, but nothing has changed so far and this has triggered numerous lawsuits, including this execution promoted by Guilherme Aeres.

Generalized default

Santos-based BWA stopped paying its customers last year, leaving these investors in despair. The company initially yielded 3% monthly on investments ranging from R $ 30,000 to R $ 300,000. However, these earnings did not last that long and their clients had their entire investment stuck.

Still last year, the company's platform changed its name. It stopped being called BWA and started to endow the name Alpen Global. Customers in that period could even see the balances but there was no more data on profitability. It was also not possible to withdraw the funds contributed.

Not only were customers injured. The company, in addition to defaulting on its investors, also failed to pay the rent of its headquarters, which led the real estate company Praiamar Corporate to file a lawsuit requiring the eviction and the payment of R $ 87,906.83.

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