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Justin Sun Criticised on Twitter for Ethereum Birthday Tweet


Yesterday marked the fourth year since Ethereum had been officially launched, and the Etheruem community celebrated online.

Coincidentally, yesterday was also Tron founder Justin Sun’s 29th birthday. Tron (TRX) is a booming cryptocurrency which constantly makes headlines due to its founder’s online antics.

Replying to the founder of Ethereum’s tweet, Justin Sun asked Vitalik Buterin to also wish him a happy birthday:

The rivalry between Buterin and Sun is well known, with Buterin stating that he does not mind if Ethereum is overtaken by another blockchain but that he ‘will have lost a certain amount of hope for humanity’ if that other blockchain happened to be Tron.

His tweet drew the crypto community’s ire, with many questioning if he shared not only his birthday but also his age with Ethereum, essentially labelling him with a four-year-old’s level of maturity.

A lot of the crypto community’s annoyance with Justin Sun arises from his recent controversies. In a whirlwind few weeks, Sun donated $4.5 million to charity to have lunch with crypto-sceptic Warren Buffett, invited many other industry moguls (including Vitalik Buterin, who ignored him), and then seemingly cancelled said lunch due to ‘kidney stones’. Last week he announced that he would have to postpone the lunch due to kidney stones, but has since not set a rescheduled date. Moreover, he has been accused of lying about the kidney stones, which seems likely, as he was seen out-and-about not soon after at a Tron influencer party. A Chinese media company claimed he lied about the kidney stones because he was being held by Chinese authorities in China due to illegal activities such as scamming, illegal gambling and running a pornography business. Sun responded by posting a livestream of him in San Francisco, debunking the claims. He was not able to shake off speculations that he was still in trouble with Chinese authorities over Tron’s investments, funding and operations in the country. Since then, he has issued a public apology (which has been deleted) about the unprecedented media circus he has created around his lunch with Buffett, which has not even happened, and now seems unlikely to occur.


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