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Justin Sun Offers 10BTC for Information on Binance KYC Leak, Gets Trolled


Last week Binance experienced an industry-shaking hack which leaked hundreds of images worth of KYC data of Binance users.

The same day, Binance offered a reward of up to 25 BTC (about 290,000 USD at last week’s prices) on any relevant information about the individual or group who leaked the images. There have been no officially announced updates about the leak or the reward, but Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun felt compelled to weigh in.

In a tweet responding to Binance’s announcement, Sun, who has 1.5 million followers, stated, “I will add 10 more BTC on the reward to catch the blackmailer.” Twitter users, who are very critical of Justin Sun and his often immature online presence took the opportunity to call him out.

Popular cryptocurrency trader, analyst and co-founder of crypto-trading website blockroots, Josh Rager, sarcastically stated that he would give Sun 10 BTC to delete his Twitter account. Another Twitter user made a joke that Sun couldn’t even afford lunch, referring to the Warren Buffet lunch debacle of last month. In an insightful reply, a crypto fan believed that Sun is often found “throwing money” at Binance whenever the opportunity presents itself in an attempt to sweeten his relationship with the cryptocurrency exchange. This belief may have some truth behind it, considering that Binance has not listed Tron among the 30 cryptocurrencies it plans on listing on its US-based exchange.

Members of the community have reason to question Sun’s extravagant claims, many of which he has not delivered on. This includes a Tesla giveaway in an insane promotional tactic, which he was not actually able to give due to an issue with a Twitter randomisation tool.

More recently, however, Sun donated $4.5 million to charity to have lunch with crypto-sceptic and industry giant Warren Buffet. He had to ‘postpone’ said lunch due to a health condition involving ‘kidney stones’. However, a Chinese media company claimed he lied about the kidney stones because he was being held by Chinese authorities in China due to illegal activities such as scamming, illegal gambling and running a pornography business. Sun responded by posting a live-stream of him in San Francisco, debunking the claims. Since then, he has issued a public apology (which has been deleted) about the unprecedented media circus he has created around his lunch with Buffett, which has not even happened, and now seems unlikely to occur.

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