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Justin Sun on the run from China since 2018?


TRON Foundation founder and CEO Justin Sun has been in a storm recently, especially against Chinese media agencys Caixin. According to a report by them, he has been wanted by authorities ever since he “sneaked out” in Novermber, 2018.

Sun found out he was under “border control”, and he cannot cross the Chinese borders without permission from the Chinese government. Caixin says, it’s unclear how Sun got out of China, it’s possible he used one of the loopholes in the regulation. The report mentioned that Sun had tried multiple ways to lift the ban, but has so far been unsuccessful. So far, these allegations have been denied by Sun and his team, saying he has received no such warning from China and is free to enter and leave the country at his own free will.

Some speculation says that Sun has bad blood with the Chinese government for paying such a large sum of money to play with “America’s #1 Capitalist”. He made a lengthy apology on Weibo which was quickly deleted. The apology was directed to “the public, media, officials and regulatory authorities.” Sun didn’t specify which regulators he is referring to in the letter but mentioned the term “regulator” for 13 times. So far, he has only published the apology in Chinese. The letter comes just days after he postponed the lunch with Buffett, citing a health issue with kidney stones.

Apparently he feels as if he has “over-marketed” the lunch with Buffett and has said he will minimize his appearance in public to think about this issue, rejecting any interviews for the time being. In recent social media posts, he declared he was feeling much better and seems to be able to meet the outside world soon after recovery. The lunch with Buffett has also been postponed to a date that is so far undisclosed.

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