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Kabir Singh First Review: Left in the middle, people who came out of the movie said these things


Recently, Shahid Kapoor’s film ‘Kabir Singh’ has been released. The viewers of the film’s first show have given a review of the film on social media. Shahid Kapoor is getting a lot of good reviews on one side. At the same time, people who came out of the movie have given very bad reviews to Kabir Singh. We are going to tell you about Kabir Singh’s audiences reviews … This film is a remake of South Indian film ‘Arjun Reddy’. Shahid is getting a lot of praise in ‘Kabir Singh’ but this movie is not liked by everyone. Learn more about how people reviewed this film. ‘ Seeing Kabir Singh , a user wrote that ‘I left the film in the interval and left. This is the worst of all the movies I’ve seen recently. Sandeep Reddy Wanga (Director) should know that this film has brought a tsunami of negative feelings inside me as a woman. My brain condition is spoiled ‘. At the same time, a user wrote, “Arjun Reddy, the original of this film, was also very bad, so what can you expect from Kabir Singh?” Along with that, another user says, “The trend of a remake of the copy paste in Bollywood has started. ‘Kabir Singh’ is a sample of that. ‘ This movie has also been critiquized with this tweet. In the comments of this tweet, people are also making a copyright to the director of ‘Kabir Singh’. In Kabir Singh, Shahid and Kisera’s Kishen Seen also gave a lot of headlines. During the promotion of this film, these kissing scenes were highly highlighted. Several times Shahid-Kidaras were also angry with the questions being asked about intimate scenes.

Although Shahid Kapoor fans like this film The people of this movie are giving very good reviews too. Prior to the release, the trailer of this movie also received very good reviews. Also, the songs of the film were well liked. A user, while giving a reference to a dialogue of ‘Kabir Singh’, wrote a lot of crap about Writers. Although Shahid Kapoor is getting praised. Seeing the reviews, it seems that people had enough expectations from the movie which could not be fulfilled.

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