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Kangana Ranaut looses her cool and takes a swipe at a reporter

Kangna Runaut has released a video in the hot summer with the reporter on the occasion of the launch of ‘Jajmaltala Ki’ song. Kangana said in this video, “Hello friends, today I want to tell you about our Indian media. But I would definitely say that it is not like there are some bad guys in the middle of the good people everywhere and the media which has encouraged me as much as I have encouraged, such a good adviser, such a good friend, who will meet me in the media Are. I would say that he has some very handsome hands in my success. I would always be grateful to him for that. “ Kangna said further, but like the termite, a section of the media is like a termite in our country and gradually keeps its dignity and the country’s unity gets attacked. On the day the false rumors spread. In front of everyone, the views of their dirty, lewd thoughts, nationalism openly open, there is no penalty or no punishment in our constitution against them. This thing hurt me very much and I decided in my own right that this is the media which is called Liberal, says Secular. These guys are not even 10th failure. These people are pseudo-liberal. These people are not secular at all. “If these people were secular then always do not strike the unity of the country with religious things, just like a journalist from a Chinti, I met at the press conference two days ago, there are many people like that, whatever our Sirius Issue … On World Environment Day, I worked against plastic use, he ridiculed it. I worked against cruelty towards animals, it made fun of me. On a martyr I made a film and was ridiculed by the name of his name. It is important that they have a logic, review or idea which is the right of a journalist. I have come to eat free food, everywhere in the press conference. I want to know that someone should be crystal, that you call yourself a journalist. Send me, so you can say that you are a journalist.

She also said, I refused to answer the question of that person. I have zero tolerance for any kind of anti-nationals. Three of the four people have made an accusation against me. It is only yesterday that there is no recognition in it. Nor is there any perception of her. Because of that guild, people have started threatening me that they will ban me. I will not give coverage or ruin my career. Hey noisy, country traitors, the people who sell you, you do not even want to buy millions, you are worth 50-60 rupees. People like you who are eating in the plate, do they pierce, what will ruin my career. I have cheated the father’s grandfathers.

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