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KBC 11: Amitabh asked such question related to Dinesh Karthik's wedding, Contestant got out

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Mumbai. On November 7 of the 11th season of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC Season 11), Contestant Dr. Anshu Shethi walked out after winning only 3.20 lakhs. Although she had reached the question of 6.40 lakh, but she dropped out on the question asked about the marriage of Dinesh Karthik. However, she did not lose her winning money even after giving an incorrect answer to the question asked by Amitabh Bachchan. Because after reaching the level of 3.20 lakh in the game, there is no harm if the wrong answer to the next question is given. This question was related to Dinesh Karthik’s wedding. Question: Which of these players is married to Dinesh Karthik? Answer: Deepika Pallikal Dinesh Karthik has done two weddings. Dinesh was first married to Nikita Banjara in 2007. But later Nikita was separated from Dinesh Karthik and cricketers Murali Vijay and Nikita got married. Later Dinesh Karthik married squash player Deepika Pallikal. These questions were asked by Anshu Sethi

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