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Laws in Saudi changed, women do not have to accept male guardians to go abroad


  • Under Prince Vision 2030 of Prince Salman many changes were made in the rules for women in the last two years in Saudi
  • Under the first Mail Guardianship system, women had to get the approval of male family members for travel

Riyadh. Women in Saudi Arabia will now be able to travel abroad for the approval of non-male guardians. The Saudi government issued the order on Thursday for the first time, giving women the exemption. Earlier, under the traditional guardianship system, women were legally permanently considered to be minors. For this, the family men (father, husband or other relative) parents had the right to exercise their rights arbitrarily on women.

Without even the permission of the guardian, you can marry

  1. The government newspaper Okaj told the senior officials of the government that under the new law, now women over 21 years old can take a passport, marry, and leave the country without the permission of the guardian.

  2. According to Kristin Dewan of Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington, this decision will give women more autonomy. If this rule is fully implemented then this Saudi decision will be a big decision for women to take control of their lives.

  3. This judgment of Saudi Human Rights organizations has expressed happiness. After the years of workers’ hard work, the Saudi regime has now started relaxing the rules about women. Lugeen Al-Handlul, who fought a long fight for women’s rights, celebrated his 30th birthday in Saudi Arabia this week. Many women activists who raise voice for their rights are still serving in Saudi Arabia.

  4. Last year women got driving discount

    Since the arrival of Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, women have got many rights here. Two years ago women were allowed to watch the match while sitting in the football stadium. At the same time, the relaxation of driving of women was also given in June last year. By 2020, 30 lakh women are given the driving license.

  5. The effect of Vision 2030

    Saudi Arabia is counted as the world’s most radical country, where restrictions for women are too much and hard. However, the country wants to reduce dependence on revenues from oil exports under Vision 2030. Prince Salman is making many changes in the country for this. The decision has been taken to ease employment opportunities for the people of Saudi Arabia, with the restrictions on restrictions and restrictions on women.

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