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Leading German Exchange lists IOTA/BTC trading pair; Coordicide update focuses on Autopeering


The source code of GoShimmer was unleashed a few months back. This is to be chiefly used as a tool for research, in order to experiment with the maiden blocks of Coordicide. The autopeering module has been redesigned; head to this page if you’d be interested in accessing the code:

The newly designed module has been divided into two components: peer discovery and neighbor selection. While peer discovery will be closely associated with operations, neighbor selection allows users to choose their own neighbors for nodes which uphold the Tangle, so as to decrease the possibility of attacks leveled at the network.

Switching from a database to in-memory storage shall henceforth be a seamless procedure. Servers and a database are needed for GoShimmer to run effectively. You can check out the simulation rolled out so as to familiarize people within the community with the submodules:

Configuration of the simulation can be carried out with the help of these given parameters:

  • which depicts the total number of peers
  • which stands for the salt lifetime [in seconds]
  • SimDuration that essentially puts for the duration of the simulation
  • VisualEnabled which shall help one toggle to either enable or disable the visualizer linked to the stimulation
  • dropAll lets one disable/enable dropping of neighbors at every single salt update

Take a look at the metrics for which IOTA will bring in evaluation scripts:

  1. Convergence- details the proportion of peers which have the maximum quantity of neighbors
  2. Link Survival Time- exploring the possibility of a link staying active after the passage of a specific period of time
  3. Message analysis- stats tied to the messages which are being sent and received

IOTA is ranked at #17 to the south of Huobi Token in the market. The trading volume recorded stands at roughly $5.905 million, while the supply houses 2.779 billion MIOTA coins. The total market cap of IOTA amounts to $766.239 million as of this instant. The price shot up at a rate of 1.81% in the course of the past 24-hours; this brought MIOTA all the way up to $0.275672 where it presently rests.

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