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Leah Remini talks to Danny Masterson Rape Accusers on ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’

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In the finale of the Scientology and the Aftermath, Leah Yadi sits down with Danny Masterson, who accuses two of the actor and interviewed his life for the first time in the church.

The 1970s show actor, who faces charges of raping several women, is being sued by four women who say he and the Church of Scientology chased and intimidated the actor after being charged. Chrissy Bixler, who has been dating Masterson for six years, said the pair went out for a drink in December 2001 and when she got up and left the restaurant, she was caught in a full power outage. When he woke up the next morning, he missed, hurt his head and he felt “As if I was poisoned. When she asked Masterson what had happened, she said, she laughed and told her that she had sex with him the night before. I said, Am I unconscious?

She said, ‘yes,’ she remembered. Bixler said he reported the rape to Scientology ethics officers and was told it couldn’t be raped because they were in a consensual relationship.

The officer threatened that if he reported it to the police, he would not be allowed to “Pressure behavior and high crime and will be charged with being expelled from the church. “As your girlfriend, my job is to give myself to her at any time, ” ” she said.

“I can’t say I lie there and take it. Masterson was removed from the Netflix series “Ranch” And after 2017 was fired by UTA after the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed it was investigating allegations of sexual assault by several women.

At that time, he denied the allegations and claimed that any sexual contact was consensual.

Bobette Riares, the second accused and the actor’s ex-girlfriend, also spoke to Yadi on the special and said she decided to come forward after seeing the bullying Bixler encountered online. “I can’t be quiet, stand by and let someone know exactly how he feels because he actually shared his story a little bit for me, and I immediately said, ‘In no way, hell, you’ll know “This is my life,” Rhys said.

So I said, that’s the right thing to do. He continued, “You like to deal with this crime. If I speak loudly, or if I’m not afraid of what will happen then. Should I make a fuss? Should I tell more people what is going on and ask more questions?

I probably didn’t have I could preserve them, but I didn’t, so it was hard. The two-hour live special, which aired Monday, was filmed in front of a live studio audience of former Scientology members and ended with an Emmy winner A-E Docuseries after three seasons.

Remini, along with Scientology teamer Mike Rinder, revealed that he had worked on the Masterson story for more than two years and recorded one of bicksler interviews on the show in April 2017. In addition to focusing on actors, the closing highlighted allegations that Scientology’s policies prevented members from reporting to authorities testifying to sexual assault and physical violence. Several former scientists sat down with Remini and told stories of being sexually abused as children, covered up fatalities, experiencing harmful treatment exercises, and being trained to lie to people outside the church.

A team of legal, psychological and law enforcement experts weighed the stories and made recommendations on the trauma and impact of church life. “When we first started, we wanted to give what had happened to those who wanted to tell you, their pain, a stage, ” Said in the closing. “It’s because of you that we were able to do this in three seasons, and you gave the victim a voice and a forum to listen to.

You care about us, and we thank you. “Our fight is not over, and I want you to be as angry as I am, He added in the last minute of the show. “Our conflict network should go beyond the limits of television.

Rest assured, Scientology, it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning. The Church of Scientology challenged the credibility and statements of contributors in the series.

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