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Lightning Network vs Dash war accelerates; Maximalists and DASH fans clash regarding the optimum solution


Dash is ranked at #15 below TRON in the market. For now, “Digital Cash” is fluctuating in the market [it was in the green zone during the morning]. The trading volume recorded is $157.352 million, whereas the supply has 8,999,773 DASH coins in play. At present, the total market cap of Dash is $831.581 million. As of this instant, DASH is priced at $92.40.

Maximalists who practically worship Bitcoin can often be hard to argue against. According to such men and women, BTC is the only asset which wins via the “Survival of the Fittest” analogy. Nobody is doubting the prominence of Bitcoin. However, choosing to ignore the negative aspects of the king coin is simply immature.

The Lightning Network is advertised as the breakthrough solution which will soon ensure that DASH along other cryptocurrencies become outdated. You can watch a full podcast featuring Tadge Dryja, who is one of the authors of the Lightning Network whitepaper. Even though the program is over an hour-long, it has some interesting insights.

Tadge takes a rather neutral approach towards the Lightning protocol, which shows that unbiased creators are automatically better thinkers. Lightning Network involves off-chain scaling, whereas Dash is associated with on-chain scaling [check out InstaSend and the Masternode set-up].

The Lightning Network has an entire mountain to climb if it wishes to become a renowned solution. This protocol has been up and running for more than a year, and so far there haven’t been any significant improvements. Those who control nodes remain unhappy about their passive income, which is incredibly low. Some believe that Dash is still following in the footsteps of the king coin.

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