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Litecoin {LTC} creator Charlie Lee clears the air; Iran gets help from developers around the globe


According to a recent report published by Al Jazeera, a platform called IranRescueBit has sprung up. This was an initiative by the developers in order to help combat widespread chaos in the nation.

You can donate to this cause using Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and Litecoin [LTC]. The Government of Iran is not linked to this move. This can help sympathizers skate past moronic sanctions imposed by Donald Duck so as to prevent minimize loss of human life.

Hamed Salehi, the director of this project stated that after donations come in for a period of 30 days, exchanges will be engaged in order to convert the currency into Rials. The funds will then be forwarded to The Iranian Red Crescent Society.

A leaked conversation involving Litecoin developers had led to intense speculation in the cryptosphere. While some have questioned the authenticity of the concerned document [the user who uploaded it has deleted their account on Reddit], others took to Twitter to express their grievances.

Charlie Lee assured members of the Litecoin {LTC} a few days ago. In a series of tweets, he talked about the presence of limited number of developers. With some being less active on social media, the progress may appear to be slow. Although, Lee accepted the fact that he had focused more on adoption this year, and swore to get back on track.

Do note that Litecoin has had partnerships involving World Kickboxing, Miami Dolphins and a few more organizations. The “Silver 2.0” in the market has seen increased mainstream involvement over the past couple of months.

Litecoin is ranked at #5 on coinmarketcap, ahead of Binance Coin. The trading volume recorded is $3.349 billion, whereas the supply has 63,039,681 LTC tokens in play for now. The total market cap of Litecoin is $4.669 billion, while LTC is priced at $74.07. A plunge rate of 12.79% was felt in a span of the past 24-hours.

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