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Litecoin[LTC] foundation member opens up on why “silver” is a winner

John Kim from the Litecoin Foundation has spoken about the benefits of adopting Litecoin[LTC] in a recent interview.

As more banks choose Litecoin[LTC] and Ripple[XRP] as tokens for transactions, people are slowly getting accustomed to virtual currencies. BloxLiveTV had a talk with John, and he said, “We’re probably the most liquid coin, outside of Bitcoin. We don’t have to focus on anything else right now but adoption…”

He referred to the upcoming projects of Litecoin[LTC] which will be announced shortly. Plus, the new Spedn deal has lead millions now have access to Litecoin[LTC] crypto as a mode of payment.

Now consumers at Baskin Robbins, Bed Bath & Beyond, Caribou Coffee, and other locations can use Litecoin[LTC] to pay for products. This brings people from so many different walks of life to Litecoin[LTC] exposure.

The developers and the programmers will be able to solve concerns of all kinds of consumers which will lead to the network growing on a large scale. The cryptocurrency exchange OKEx and the digital asset travel platform Travala is funding a trip of John Kim through Asia this month.

“We’re going from Taipei to Hong Kong. We’re going to Malaysia. We’re going to the Philippines. We’re going to Vietnam. And we’re just going to go and ignite the fire…”

Charlie Lee and Nouriel Roubini had med at an event recently. With reference to Roubini’s conflict with Arthur Hayes, Kim said, “He’s very intense. And he just kept talking the whole time about how everything is a scam, fraud. And blockchain – it’ll never work – and Bitcoin is too slow. His whole spiel…as he was walking off, Charlie looked at him and said, ‘We will see.’…”

Kim commended the calm demeanor of Charlie Lee. Check out this video of him detailing a great life lesson:

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