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Looking for some quality entertainment? Aiming to place some big bets? You have come to the perfect place!

Press Release

CryptoGames is undoubtedly at the pinnacle of gambling casinos. This online casino has a resume that would make even the world’s most elite casinos writhe in jealousy. The gambling industry is now more popular than ever, with the number of gamblers increasing on a daily basis. We have seen a massive increase in the number of online casinos as well, with many fraudulent companies getting into the business as well. These fraudulent casinos steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting users while providing detestable services in return. The industry is now at a dire need of exemplary online casinos that can meet gambler expectations while setting standards other casinos can follow. CryptoGames fits the criteria of the ideal casino with its set of excellent attributes. Run by an adept group of moderators, CryptoGames possesses a library of the most entertaining games. Home to a wonderful community of super-friendly gamblers, CryptoGames is a haven for any players looking to relish the extreme thrill that can only be provided by gambling.

Initially, being just a paltry slot machine, CryptoGames soon rose in popularity among ardent gamblers, who grew attached to the fun they derived from using it. Soon it generated enough support from around the world to turn into one of the most successful casinos ever! The casino has enough potential to be recognized as the greatest gambling site in the world, thanks to its bulging community of users and its dexterous group of moderators. Any new gambler intent on becoming a part of the community will find it extremely easy due to the user base being filled with gamblers who intend to make new friends all over the world. CryptoGames has over 5 Billion registered bets and possesses the highest faucet among all gambling sites, starting at 50 Satoshi up to 6.150 Satoshi up every 3 minutes. The site also has the most lucrative paying referral program. For every bet placed by a referred player, 15 percent of the house edge of the bet is added to the original users’ balance. With such impressive statistics, it is no surprise that CryptoGames is poised to become a leading entity in the gambling industry and one of the most popular gambling sites in the world.

Get a glance at the site’s state-of-the-art platform that grabs the attention of most gamblers

CryptoGames is equipped with an advanced platform that possesses a plethora of features capable of handling any issues that may arise within the site. This advanced system is designed in a user-friendly way. It is straightforward to navigate even for new visitors on the website.

As soon as someone visits the site for the first time, a new account is automatically created for him by the lightning-fast system, making the tedious task of opening an account irrelevant. The account can also be personalized by the user according to their wish, for instance, adding the preferred payment options and placement of bets. The site can also be accessed from the comfort of one’s mobile phone due to its excellent responsive design and mobile support.

The platform is also prevalent for having games that are provably fair, meaning the platform is completely unbiased and impartial. Winnings are immediately handed over to winners, without any delay. All this is possible due to the application of hashes and seeds, which is utilized to verify every bet. A third party website that uses anti-cheating measures, Randompicker, is used to prevent any unfair practices and to generate unbiased and random results.

Make deposits and withdrawals without hassle

CryptoGames accepts deposits and withdrawals with the cryptocurrency of over 10 types – a plethora of options for the user base. Users have the option of making transactions with any of the following Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, PlayMoney, Monero, Stratis, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. After depositing cryptocurrency, the user is immediately granted free access to all games. There is also the built-in exchange system, which allows users to switch between supported cryptocurrency types, anytime they desire. CryptoGames also has integrated CoinSwitch on its platform giving users the opportunity of converting reputed coins they own to the currencies supported by the casino, allowing more flexibility in financial transactions.

Deposit your cryptocurrency without worry 

CryptoGames has taken all the necessary actions needed to protect its users from notorious attackers on the internet, who solely aim to steal user balance from sites with weak security. The website makes use of two-factor authentication, which leaves hackers’ attempts harmless even if users’ passwords become compromised. An email confirmation is also mandatory for any withdrawals, making it even more difficult for hackers to get their hands on user funds. Lastly, the funds are stored in cold wallets, meaning any direct attacks on the casino would not enable the hackers to gain control of the user funds.

There are countless promotions and events throughout the year, presenting even more opportunities to have loads of fun!

CryptoGames is internet-famous for its countless celebrations and events. These promotions present users with loads of opportunities to gain tons of free coins, voucher codes, and other lucrative rewards! The previous year saw a Halloween and a Christmas event, where users were gifted loads of free coins in their emails and through different gamming events hosted on the site. Every Monday, CryptoGames holds a No Bet Speed Limit where users can place significantly more number of bets per second. This allows users that take advantage of the automated betting system to run their bots faster!

Faucets are also available on the casino. The Faucets are giveaways of free coins. Those with higher faucet levels can lay claim to a higher amount of coins than regular users. The levels can be raised via the completion of specific sets of tasks.

Being friendly and cooperative has its perks, thanks to the Rain function! Rain is the gifting of free coins at a random interval to active chatters who follow the site rules. This incentive allows gamblers to be friendly and cooperative and achieve some free coins for their helpfulness and friendliness at the same time!

There are also enormous jackpots in Dice and Roulette. A smart gambler can claim the entire pot with just one cleverly placed bet. The Dice jackpot of Bitcoin currently stands at a staggering 3.779 BTC, waiting to be claimed by a lucky gambler anytime.

Participate in the engaging wagering contests

CryptoGames also hosts monthly wagering contests where devoted gamblers participate in the combat to win the ultimate prize. Winners of monthly wagering contests are rewarded with coins and recognized as the champion of the casino for that month. The top position holders of the leaderboard are also gifted VIP tags, enabling them access to site-wide privileges. The VIP tag will last till the start of the next tournament, giving the victors enough time to enjoy the spoils of their victory.

Join CryptoGames immediately for a divine gambling experience

Gambling is an elite form of entertainment that can provide refreshments for even the most tired and pessimistic soul. It fills one with immense joy and contentment due to its rewarding and straightforward nature. It is of extreme importance a gambler invests his time and energy in the right casino. The player must be aware of the fraudulent entities that pose as online casinos and are always lurking to steal cryptocurrency from unfortunate gamblers. The elite gambling site, CryptoGames can provide a respite from these poor excuses of casinos due to its numerous attributes, and it’s unbiased and impartial nature. With its reputation for being provably fair, financially secure, and its countless promotional events, CryptoGames easily stands out from all competition and provides the gambler with a clear choice of which casino to choose.

So, join CryptoGames today and be a part of a diving gambling experience that will satisfy your heart’s deepest desires.

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