Billionaire lunch date moved from New York to San Francisco, says Justin Sun

For the last 15 years (except twice in Omaha), the New York Steakhouse has hosted the “charity dinner” which Justin Sun signed up for. The amount that he had to pay was an immense $4.6 million in order to grab this opportunity.

Warren Buffett has been critical of cryptocurrency in the past, he has even labeled these transactions as “evil”. The man has a bunch of exceedingly outdated ideas inside his head. And Justin wishes to change his mind. Sun has even invited 7 of his friends who are pioneers in the crypto-industry.

On July 25th, the lunch will be held at Bay Area. Sun stated that this was done so as to,“bridge the gap between the world of blockchain and institutional investors. Nowhere is that goal more apt than in the heartland of tech.”

Here is the latest announcement from TRON:

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