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Maintenance fee of flat is more than Rs 7500, then 18% GST will be charged on the entire amount.


  • According to the rules, GST is not applicable on maintenance payment up to Rs 7500
  • Ministry of Finance clarified how to calculate Resident Welfare Association GST
  • Two floating maintenance fees are paying 7500-7500 rupees, the exemption from GST will be applicable on both

new Delhi. Flat owners pay monthly resident welfare association (RWA) more than Rs. 7,500, then they will be given 18% GST. Taxes will not be charged on the full payment but on the full payment. That is, the flat owner is paying 9,000 rupees, then GST will look at the full amount, not just the extra 1,500. The Finance Ministry gave this information on Monday.

It has been clarified by the government that the circular issued by RW should be calculated on how GST should be calculated. If a person has two flats and he is giving the maintenance fee of both Rs 15,000 (7,500-7,500) then the exemption from GST will be applicable.

According to the rules, RWA’s annual turnover through services and Goods supply is more than Rs 20 lakh, then GST is available. Ministry of Finance has said that RWA can claim input tax credit (ITC) on GST payments of goods such as generators, water pumps, lawn furniture and goods like tap, pipes, sanitary hardware.

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