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Mamata Banerjee shifts her stance, from pressure to pleas, blames BJP, CPI(M)

The Chief Minister of West Bengal had a dream. A dream of beating a man whose weight comes from all the citizens who believe in him. She failed and now she is being disgraceful yet again.

This woman tried to force the doctors who were protesting yesterday. She threatened to lathi charge a hospital if the doctors don’t get back to work because “poor people were suffering”.

Well, Mrs. Banerjee, a lot of folks experience pain. The junior doctor who tried to save a man who had crossed 70 was battered down by his “grieving family”. This is the condition of Bengal at the moment.

After 8 hours, Didi felt like begging the docs to return to work would do the trick but to no avail. Get this, a mob of 200 moronic jobless pigs rained blows and almost killed an intern because a 75-year-old man had passed. Just imagine the audaciousness of these anti-social elements.

But once again, the Chief Minister has defended her policies and pushed the blame on to BJP and CPI(M). She is so asinine that she honestly believes the Left and the Right would work together in a nation like India. Mamata has also claimed that the saffron party won seats in Bengal by “rigging elections”.

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