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Man sends letter bombs to bank in Holland and demands payment in Bitcoin


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Dutch police are looking for the perpetrator of two letter bomb attacks that occurred on Wednesday (12). According to authorities, the criminal action is also being investigated as an attempted extortion, as the criminal asked bitcoin not to carry out further attacks.

The letters exploded in an ABN AMRO Bank building in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, and at the headquarters of a computer company called Ricoh, which is in Kerkrade, in the south of the country. According to the Dutch news agency ANP, no one was hurt.

A building worker noticed a strange sound when handling a letter in the morning. Afraid, he threw it away. Moments later it exploded, The New York Times detailed.

Less than an hour later the same thing happened at Kerkrade's company.

According to the newspaper, the police compared the explosion to that of fireworks. Police said the likelihood of fatalities was very low.

Another point is that the investigation must determine whether this case is related to a series of letter bombs sent last year, since the content was similar.

"It is fair to say that all of this is connected because the same demand has been made, but we still don't know who sent them," said Amsterdam police spokesman Lex van Liebergen.

Van Liebergen did not say how much bitcoin was required.

Bitcoin extortion in the Netherlands

Also according to the American newspaper, this type of assault as a means of extortion had already happened with more intensity in 2015.

At that time, a supermarket chain received several letter bombs. A 58-year-old man was then identified as the perpetrator after police conducted DNA tests.

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