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Market News In Hindi: Insiders are buying extensively for the first time 19 months after the value of shares fell | For the first time after 19 months after the value of the shares fell, insiders of the companies are bought in a big way

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Apr 13, 2020, 07:23 PM IST

Mumbai. For the first time in the last 19 months, the company's promoters, directors and employees, including others, have been buying shares in the companies. This shows a change in the trend of selling in the long run. The reason behind this purchase is that due to the fall in the market due to Kovid-19, the price of such shares has come down, which has become attractive.

Insiders bought 3,701 crore shares in March

In March, Insiders had bought a total of 3,701 crore shares and sold 1,701 crore shares in lieu thereof. This means the ratio of buy and sell was 2.16. According to NSE data, Insiders had earlier sold 11,893 crore shares and bought 1,120 crore shares before them. This means that the ratio of buy and sell was 0.09 percent. According to NSE, Insiders had purchased 4,149 crore shares in July 2018 and sold 1,263 crore shares.

Investors should be careful

Statistics show that in 2019-20, this sales-to-sales ratio was 0.20 while in 2018-19, the sales-to-sales ratio was 0.26 percent. In 2017, this ratio was 0.30 percent. Insiders have shown good interest in buying in companies due to the complete closure of the business due to the lockdown caused by Kovid-19. The purchase of insiders shows that the management has a positive attitude towards the company and due to this they are also showing confidence in the business. However, analysts say that no investor should buy after taking into account the purchase of insiders or promoters. Because the sale by insider means that the company can also be negative.

Tata Steel and Infosys top

March has seen considerable insider purchases. Talking about the top five companies, 521 crores were bought in Infosys, 469 crores in Tata Steel, 493 crores in HCL Technology, 215 crores in Indian Hotels, 189 crores in GMR. In terms of value, the lowest maximum insider selling was Rs 540 crore in Future Retail, Rs 173 crore in Yes Bank, Rs 68 crore in Aris Lifesciences, Rs 68 crore in Kotak Mahindra and Rs 63 crore in IDFC Bank. was.

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