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Meet Ocean’s Treasure, the new slot now available at


The beauty and charms of the seabed, often also
it carries with it an immensity of mysteries and a vastness to be explored. IS
based on this concept and using characters from mythology as
Nereides and a giant red octopus that the
presents Ocean’s Treasure, a slot already available on the site. Secret items are
the passage for you to conquer the missions of the game. By activating the bonus phase,
for example, when the eight-legged monster appears, the multiplier can
reach up to 12x.

The base of the game is made up of 3 rows and 5 columns,
enabling the player to accumulate a prize amount of up to $ 360,000. This, of course, is only possible
activating the bonus and reaching level 5 inside. That way, for
Consequently, the multiplier increases. Special items that appear on the screen,
like diamonds, diamonds, compasses, treasures, bottles and magic keys
provide a scenario in which fun is guaranteed, presenting a great
content design created by NetEnt. Remembering that you can already start
play Ocean’s Treasure now, clicking on this

has consolidated itself as a platform that uses cryptocurrencies as an option to
payments and thus established itself as one of the best environments for this type of
online casino entertainment. The goal is to make the customer more
comfortable and give him the option to feel comfortable with the financial method
that you like the most. In addition to this facility, the game Ocean’s Treasure, in
special, allows a minimum bet of $ 0.15 and that means the game
is much more accessible, especially for those who still don't feel
familiar with the slot game format.


is one of the largest platforms in the segment in the world and specializes in payments
cryptocurrencies, offering, in addition to slots, jackpots, roulette, blackjack,
baccarat and live casino. In addition, it also has a support team
prepared and available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to take any
question related to the platform with Portuguese support. The site also has
an interface prepared to run in perfect condition on any device
mobile, making it the perfect product for amateur gamers and even the most

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