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Mint officials protest against privatization of state-owned company


(Photo: Press Release / CGU)

Mint officials have been promoting activities in recent days amid the federal government's plans to privatize the state-owned company and discussions about a new labor agreement.

Last Friday (10), a group of employees occupied the
administrative headquarters of the Mint, which is located in the Santa Cruz neighborhood,
west of Rio de Janeiro. On Monday (13), a group of employees came in,
but refused to work.

Already on Tuesday (15), the production lines worked
normally in the morning, but there was a new manifestation of employees in the period

According to the National Coinmen Union, which
represents the category, an assembly of workers is scheduled for
Thursday morning (16). The agenda, according to the entity, is the discussion of
new labor agreement – last expired in December.

The union itself does not consider that the movements of
recent days are a strike indeed, but points out that “the category is
mobilized ”.

Privatization and collective agreement

The Mint is responsible for the manufacture of banknotes and
Brazilian real banknotes in circulation. She also has the impression of
passports issued by the Federal Police and postage and tax stamps.

Last November, through a provisional measure issued by President Jair Bolsonaro, the Mint lost its monopoly for issuing money. The exclusivity for the manufacture of passport books and the printing of postage stamps runs until December 31, 2023.

The procedure is part of the federal government's plans to privatize the company, as well as the plan to get rid of as many state-owned companies as possible.

With the process of transferring the mint to the private sector, the negotiation of a labor agreement also began. And with it, the uncertainty about the future of employees and the company itself.

The category wants to maintain the rules of social clauses guaranteed in the 2019 collective agreement, health insurance and transport aid, while the 2020 version does not come out.

transportation allowance is due to the fact that the Mint is in a region
away from Rio de Janeiro, which suffers from violence. Themselves
employees avoid saying they work at the state company.

Direction x union

The trigger for the demonstrations would have been an interview granted to GloboNews on Friday by the director of the institution, Fabio Rito Barbosa, about layoffs and privatization. He said the high spending on personnel is one of the problems that led the state to record losses in recent years.

president of the union representing the employees of the Mint, Aluizio
Junior, countered Barbosa's claims.

created a narrative that is not true because he says that the Mint
spent 46% of your gross revenue on staff, may be a little true,
but the federal government has taken since 2017 R $ 1.5 billion, 60% of the revenue of
institution when it took out Siconv (digital tax stamp service and
traceable). The worker is not responsible for the situation the company is in,
it was a dismantling government decision that started from 2016 ”.

Through a note available on the Mint portal, the state-owned company informs that "understands that the company and employees are going through a moment of uncertainty and concerns, resulting from their inclusion in the National Privatization Program."

Also according to the note, the Mint says it remains open to negotiation to conclude the labor agreement, awaiting the union's proposal to be endorsed by the assembly of employees.

Since 2010, the state-owned company had recorded annual gross revenues over $ 2 billion. In 2016, however, the state-owned company earned $ 60.2 million, 80.7% below 2015.

From 2017, the Mint began to record losses. Reductions in contracts with the IRS for the production of tax stamps and the very reduction in the demand for banknotes and coins by the BC has weakened the state financially.

The Mint has approximately 2,000 employees.

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