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Modest Leader: Boycott instead of clapping on comments


This time the Lok Sabha election campaign is at the lowest level of independent India. Controversial statements have always come, but this time they have severely broken the moral limits. SP candidate from Rampur, Azam Khan’s remark about rival BJP candidate Jayaprada is a very disrespectful remark. The extent to this is that Azam Khan has no regrets over his remarks. Far from apologizing, he did not even apologize.

In another statement, he also asked the government officials to get the shoes cleaned. Surprisingly, at the time of these two statements, the public was seen cheering Azam Khan by cheering. This is the saddest period of Indian politics. People are applauding the leader’s language which he will never approve of any member of his family. The Election Commission also took the ritualistic action of banning Azam Khan. Mayawati also did not lag behind in dividing religion for the sake of votes.

Showing fear of the BJP, he sought votes from the Muslims. Maneka Gandhi also did the same thing. Navjot Sidhu’s language was also irresponsible. He scared the Muslims in Katihar that if he does not come together then Modi government will be formed. He even called Prime Minister Modi as ‘thou’ and ‘thief’. These examples show that the poisonous arrows of the indecent language penetrate the vote bank. Applause is performed on the women who perform the rituals. Although these statements have been condemned, the question is, will these leaders improve?

Why is this leader not afraid of the Election Commission and the court? The sanctions imposed on rogue leaders are half-baked and suggestive. I suggest that to make it effective, the promotion of such leaders should be banned and the media should black out these leaders completely. There should be concrete action on their parties along with the indefinite leaders.

Election Commission adopts zero tolerance policy

Right now the parties avoid saying that the comment was personal opinion of the leaders. When the promotions of the parties will cease due to unsubstantiated comments, the parties will also keep the leaders under control and audit each word of them. The Election Commission should adopt a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ towards such leaders. Elections for two-four leaders should be canceled. But the problem of the Election Commission is that our governments have never given it such powers that they can spoil some of the bad leaders.

The Election Commission told the Supreme Court in April 2018 that it has been sending proposals to the Central Government since 1998 for reforms. In 2004 itself, the Commission sent 22 proposals to improve the election process. In UPA-2, the Commission had twice written a letter to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. But there was no work on it. In 2016, 47 proposals went to the government but no action was taken. That is, the Election Commission also got tired of writing letters. Now the last question to all of you. Why is it that the more disgrace a leader is, the more limits he breaks in dignity and the more he falls on the linguistic level, the bigger the star campaigner becomes?

People like Navjot Sidhu and Azam Khan are counted among the star campaigners. Sidhu even claims that this time he has the highest demand in the Congress campaign. Star campaigners are the ones who are able to draw more crowds in the meetings and get the party a big headline in the media. It may not get votes but the crowd is guaranteed. People are also responsible for this to an extent, that crowd is also responsible, who attends their meetings, who clap on abuse. That is why Sidhu says that clap and the public clap.

Don’t waste your applause, don’t make them so cheap. Applause is very valuable in a democracy. How can people speak such a bashful language in a country with a cultural society? India is the largest democracy .. so is it also the dirtiest democracy? The level of campaigning has been declining with every election for 70 years. Today the situation is such that the level of election campaign is like that of street goons. In which they say do not vote otherwise

I saw the governments, looked at the Election Commissions, even the courts, nobody was able to spoil these leaders. The last hope is the people of the country. Awaken your sleeping rites. Treat the country as your family and stop joining the crowd of immoral and indecisive leaders, stop clapping on their abuses and do surgical strikes on them through your vote. The day such leaders start getting strong answers from your side, from the same day their language will also become cultured. There are 5 stages left for this election. Try this formula from now on.

(The author is the editor-in-chief of Zee News. Prime Time Show – Famous for DNA )

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