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Modi said- Pakistan made many tricks for Kashmir, but in 1999, we tricked its deceit.


  • On July 26, 20 years of Kargil war completed, Modi paid tributes to the martyrs at the Delhi event.
  • Prime Minister Modi said – will not come under anyone’s pressure on the issue of modernizing the army and national security
  • ‘Paramvir Chakra winner Captain Vikram Batra told Dil Maange More not for himself but for Mother India’

new Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the Kargil Vijay Diwas celebrations at Indira Gandhi Stadium on Saturday. Modi, while remembering the sacrifice of the martyrs, targeted Pakistan. He said that Pakistan has cheated Kashmir many times, but in 1999, we defrauded its deceit. I bow to the martyrs and their mothers who thwarted the attempt to land the tricolor from the peaks of Kargil. The Veergaatha written in Kargil 20 years ago will continue to inspire future generations.

Modi said, “Duty is everything for the soldiers.” Their lives are not tied to the tenure of governments. The ruler can be anyone, but every Indian has the right to the might of the soldiers. I went to Kargil 20 years ago during the war. Then the enemy was sitting on the peaks and playing games. Death was in front, but every soldier wanted to take the tricolor to the top. I also paid tribute to that soil in 2014 too. ”

Atalji had said – If you do not stand with the martyrs, you will not pay the debt of the motherland

The Prime Minister said, “During the war, the youth stood up for blood donation. The children had opened their piggy bank for the soldiers. Atalji had said that if we could not stand with the soldiers who gave life for the country, then we would never repay the debt of the motherland. Our government is working to empower the soldiers. We have completed one rank one pension for them and now increase scholarship for the children of the martyrs in the second government. A National War Memorial was built in his memory.

India has never lived with violence: Modi

  • The Prime Minister said, “Atalji had said that Pakistan felt that the world would intervene regarding Kargil and they would be able to draw a new line. But we will answer them, it was not expected by the enemy. This overwhelmed them. Atalji had initiated peace with Pakistan, it had changed the world. India has a history that we have never lived with violence. The country runs with the protector of peace and humanity. ”
  • “The security of the border including terrorism is a challenge before us. Therefore, it is our endeavor to modernize the army. Neither pressure nor influence will work for the security of the nation. We have taken steps to strengthen the army amidst the pressures and will continue to do so. Doing everything possible to modernize the army. Rifles and other weapons are being made for the jawans. Weapons are also being bought from abroad.

‘Three colors of the flag inspire us to live and die’

Modi said that no matter what the uniform is, whatever its color, but everyone has a motive and a mind. There are three different colors in our flag, these three colors inspire us to live and die. Similarly, it is necessary to join our three forces together in practice. Infrastructure in the border areas is being strengthened. People are forced to flee from there under difficult circumstances. Financial assistance of 450 crores has been given to 17 states of the country in this link. I trust that the security of the country is and will be impenetrable.

Modi shared his pictures with the soldiers in Kargil

Modi said, “Paramvir Chakra winner Captain Vikram Batra had said that this heart is asking for more, what was it for? India was for Mata. ”On July 26, 20 years of the Kargil War have been completed. Earlier on Friday, Narendra Modi posted his pictures with the soldiers in Kargil during 1999 and paid tribute to the martyrs.

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