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Modi took the risk by referring to Rajiv, this is part of his Congress-free campaign


It would be fine to call it Modi’s election campaign, because the slogan too is once again the Modi government and not the BJP government once again. Modi immediately responds to any attack by the opposition and sometimes he is in search of a chance to attack the opposition. Although each of his new attacks is very timely and targeted with great care. Then what was the target when Modi challenged Rahul Gandhi to campaign in the name of his father Rajiv Gandhi? Why did he taunt Rahul by saying, “Your father was called Mr. Clean by his courtier, but his life ended at corrupt number one”?

This was a risky challenge, as it is not true and lies may be exposed. Rajiv did not call his court Mr. Clean. As far as I remember, Rajiv was given a longer and easier time by any public and pressmen than any Prime Minister. When there was a tragic end to his life, he was not accused of corruption. When the Delhi High Court did not find evidence against Rajiv in the Bofors case, then Prime Minister Vajpayee did not appeal against it.

A section of the opposition and media also questioned the test of Modi’s statement. But, Modi neither cared for its veracity nor the test, he continued to challenge Rahul in different words.

One explanation that came to light when Modi maligned Rajiv Gandhi in the election campaign is this – this is a response to Rahul’s watchman thief’s slogan. But, as I said, every new issue in Modi’s campaign is targeted at the right time. Surprisingly, it will be Modi’s angry reaction. Then does Modi feel that Rahul’s allegations and slogans on Rafal are causing serious damage to his honest image? I doubt it As I said in an earlier article, Modi’s personal honesty is an impregnable asset and he knows it. It is further strengthened by not having his family.

It also fits his image of himself as a monk. It is also important that on the allegations made by Rahul on Rafal, he said that “you cannot abuse my fifty years of austerity in the dust by abusing.” I cannot even imagine that Modi can fear that Rahul will be honest with him Can trample the image.

Assuming that Modi is troubled by the allegations on Rafal, there can be no benefit from taking up the Bofors case, because a large number of people who are voting today were not even born when this case took politics Was moved. So there is no relation between these two.

I believe that bringing Rahul’s father to the polls is part of Modi’s campaign to target Congress-free India and the Nehru-Gandhi family. Modi knows that these two are intertwined. Almost everyone believes that the Congress is like an arch and that the Nehru-Gandhi family is the foundation stone that keeps the arch connected. Exclude them, the arch will fall. In other words, this family is the glue that holds the Congress together. That is why Modi does not miss any opportunity to call the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty disdainfully. Shah also regularly calls Rahul Baba, which means him as the child of the dynasty. Both keep referring to the “dynastic rule of one party”.

So now I interpret it this way – Modi saw corruption as an election issue by Rahul, and saw it as a chance to remind people of the allegations of corruption that had caused the family the most damage. Apart from this, showing the contest directly between Rahul and himself is part of his new strategy. He wants the election campaign to be seen as a direct fight between him and Rahul as he has no doubt about who will be the winner.

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