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“MONA” Weekly Trading Signal

Other News
  1. Bearish bias signal: prices remain below 7EMA
  2. Bearish bias signal: Fisher downtrends
  3. Neutral bias signal: CCI remains in the neutral zone
  4. Bearish bias signal: MACD trend down

MONA / JPY, weekly Source: Created from

The weekly closing price of Monacoin (MONA) in August 4th was 151.5 yen, down 8.0% from the previous week. The price has fallen below 7EMA and has updated the lows for the past two months. MONA, which has few unique fundamentals elements, is in a state of weakness due to the drop in prices of other coins.

Centered Oscillator Signal

Bearish bias signal: “Fisher (-2.0) has continued to trend below the Signal (-1.6) since the second week of June.”

Neutral bias signal: “CCI (-48.8) is moving in the neutral zone of the minus zone.”

Bearish bias signal: “MACD (13.05) is on a downtrend and Histogram (-15.6) is also on the rise.”

MONA’s momentum suggests a strong bear. While the overall downtrend continues, it is likely that MONA will also be easy to bring.

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