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“My wife has breast cancer, I need the money stuck in Bitcoin Bank,” says investor

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With a wife diagnosed with cancer and the money to cover the treatment for more than three months in the Bitcoin Bank Group, the investor Alexandre Mattos Pereira lost all hope and said that today he feels “very frustrated with this whole situation”.

The Battle of Pereira has been fought since May, when he noticed that I could not make the withdrawal. He reported to the Bitcoin Portal

He wasn’t alone. On this trip from Santa Catarina to the capital of Curitiba, was with him, the son Guilherme, as well as his brother Marcelo, who had also invested money in the companies linked to the economic group.

The goal, which was to raise funds for the treatment of Pereira’s wife, resulted in more spending on passages, lodgings and food, besides the bitter feeling of frustration in the face of what he called “promises with Protelatory intuits”.

Bitcoin Bank and promises
There were several conversations through WhatsApp with attorney Aline Correa who, “at first it was very concerned with the situation and promised that the payment would be done soon”, due to the seriousness of the case.

Pereira still spoke with the current president of Bitcoin Bank, Johnny Pablo Santos, who responded on 02 July through the message that was “all forwarded”.

The fact is, all the conversations have been in vain. He explained that first it was said that they would have to pass the case to the company’s compliance.

Even with everything right, the loot was not released, because before “they needed the release of the delegate who was taking care of the fraud case” that the bank Bitcoin was going through.

Like Pereira there are other investors in the same situation, which caused many to move actions against the business group.

Recently, a group of disgruntled investors like Pereira came to organize a demonstration that would happen on the 12th, but the reality was that few appeared in front of the GBB building.

The disappointment
This building is well known to Pereira. He who claims to have gone three times to the “luxurious and well located clock building in Curitiba”.

The building’s grandeur contrasts with the situation of the waiting room in which “there were many people and all dissatisfied with the disrespectful treatment,” he said.

The service was always with the lawyers. It was offered a coffee in a kind of antessala until the person was called to a meeting room where there were always two security guards at the door. “I think it was to keep someone from losing control in there,” he says.

He told him that he left Santa Catarina with his son and brother until Curitiba (PR), where the company’s headquarters was and that he was banking all of his own savings.

“It was all at our expense. Hotel, tickets, food expenses. They gave us nothing. ”

In the first visit to the building, Pereira said he was received by attorney Milton Pinheiro Junior, from the office Nelson Wilians, who represented the company before the contractual breach by GBB.

He still spoke with the director of the company, after having talked to lawyer Aline Correa, who finally on the third and last day, disappointed Pereira, saying that he could not withdraw his investment at that time.

This fact made the brother of Pereira rejoin the group of WhatsApp that was created by the investor and who participated in the lawyer.

He said:

“We can no longer generate expenses because we have representative financial resources for us retained by GBB.”

Investing A Life
Pereira explained that he invested in the arbitration platform of the economic group in order to raise capital to cover his wife’s treatment, which due to breast cancer, has undergone numerous medical procedures including chemotherapy.

“She would go through the SUS process of waiting in line or the family would face expenses. We then did part SUS and another part decided to forward it for particular treatment so it did not wait so long. ”

Pereira showed by means of reports and examinations that his wife’s right breast was extracted with all the axilla lymph nodes.

“As she was diagnosed with metastasis, she had to remove her breast from the right side that was with carcinoma. She was basically in a very invasive treatment with several surgical processes of correction of nodules removal. ”

According to one of the documents sent to the report, she has been retired by the INSS since 2016 due to the disease, which has already been diagnosed in an accelerated phase in 2012. On the last day 10, Pereira pointed out that she would have to do a surgery, which “was cleared after Bitcoin bank refused to release my loot”.

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