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NASA said – 796 items manned on the moon, 765 were released in American missions only


  • NASA also released a map, showing locations where large items exist
  • Lunar Orbiter was the first ship sent in the 1960s, which sent a picture of the moon’s surface.
  • During 1969 to 72, man walked on the moon only six times

Washington. There is hardly any place on earth, where the person has not left the dirt. The moon is also not untouched by it. NASA has said that 796 man-made items on the land of the moon have been omitted, out of which 765 (96%) missed during American missions. However, the space agency also said that we can not say where these items are on the moon. But it is so certain that the items are there definitely. NASA has also released a map, showing locations where large items are present.

Snorkel photographs

  1. America sent many unmanned missions of Ranger Spacruck in the 1960s However it failed Ranger 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 crashed into the surface of the moon, while the ranger 3 wandered and went to the other orbit of the moon. After this, the lunar orbiter was sent. It sent many photos of those places, where the first time humans were better off.

  2. The Surveyor program was designed according to the land of the moon. It was also launched in the second half of the 60s. It explains where the Apollo missions can be landed. Also the Surveyor mobilized the data of the moon’s landscape.

  3. In 2009, NASA sent the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSSS). It gave information on the moon being present in the ice form of water. According to the information, ice can be present in the crews located near the Moon’s South Pole.

  4. During 1969 to 72, humans only stepped on the moon land six times. But during this time many things were left on the Moon’s surface. Where are these things, there is no information about these places. Every point on the map represents an item, but it can not be scaled up. The point lunar places more space on the background, as much as they want. But at least this will give you a sense of how much things we have left there.

  5. Most items left on the moon were common to all missions. He left behind almost all the portable life support systems, which kept the astronauts alive within their spaceboat.

  6. Apollo -17 astronauts leave the mirror left on the Moon. This is like a solar powered flashlight. Its usefulness is very low on earth. Apart from this, Astronauts also left the soap, anti-bacterial cream, hygiene kit on the Moon.

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