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NBA Finals: The Raptors stand tall against the Warriors; Draymond Green is the Rebound King

Both Pascal Siakam and Kyle Lowry were instrumental in helping their team cruise to victory. Siakam and Lowry racked up 26 points each. Against them, Klay Thompson of the Warriors proved to worthy, as he had 30 points to his name.

Kawhi Leonard was declared as the MVP of the Finals, as his 22 points were crucial in lifting the spirits of the entire team. Just as Durant was injured, so was our Kawhi, but he conquered the pain and proved that the court was his Kingdom.

In both the first and the second quarter, the Raptors beat the Warriors by 1 and 2 points respectively. The third quarter is when things switched. It was starting to look like the Golden State Warriors had this game in the palm of their hands.

A timeout near the end cost the Warriors the match, as they were all out of them. Curry tried his best but was able to score 2 points till the finish, whereas Andre Iguadola raked in 22. Draymond Green was the primary reason why the difference in points was low(114-110 was the result). He had a total of 19 rebounds, and 13 assists, along with scoring 11 points as well.

The Warriors owe Green a hella lot. Fred VanVleet and Serge Ibaka brought in 22 and 15 points respectively which contributed to their win.


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