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Nem {NEM} Blockchain Version Based Instagram “Nemgraph”!

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The next-generation SNS “Nemgraph”, which utilizes the blockchain of the cryptocurrency Nem-NEM-e, has launched the service. I wonder what kind of SNS it has become.

The basic is a social communication service for image and photo posting. If it is a SOCIAL NETWORK that posts original photos and images, there are still a lot of services.

Nemgraph has created an unprecedented next-generation SNS service by utilizing NEM’s blockchain technology. It includes a chip function using the cryptocurrency NEM, proof of ownership of the post photo by the function of a ring -RiNG- notarization, and the sale of the right to use the posted photo. Nemgraph blockchain is used for these functions, so it functions as a next-generation SNS.

Unique features with NEM blockchain
Throw money (tip) function to post photos Nemgraph allows you to send a tip to a posted photo. In the SNS so far, the “likes” for the posted photos I was expressing the feeling of empathy, such as. In Nemgraph, it is possible to send a Zem -XEM- as a thrower.

If the photo is more highly acclaimed, it is likely to collect a lot of money.
“RiNG Notary” proves ownership of photographs If you select RiNG Notary when posting a photo, the contents of the post will be engraved on the NEM blockchain.

Due to the nature of blockchain technology, it is difficult to tamper with data once it is engraved, and its contents remain on the blockchain forever. You can also prove that you’ve posted a photo of yourself.

Those posted at RiNG Notary can be transmitted around the world regardless of their follow-up followers.
Post Photo Sales You can also use Nemgraph to sell photos you post. By using NEM blockchain, you can prove ownership of the posted photos.

Creators can also make money by selling original graphics and photos.
The affinity between Blockchain and SNS I actually created an account and tried to post a photo, but it was very complete. It’s easy to get started by setting your email address and password like you did in the past.

In Nemgraph, because of the unique features based on blockchain, it is necessary to create a wallet and key management of the cryptocurrency NEM, but it is now available to everyone by following the procedure. You can use Nemgraph to add value to your photos.

In addition, with the copyright of photos and images online as a problem, it would be a nice feature for creators to be able to prove ownership of the posted photos and sell them. To commemorate the launch of the service, a photo contest seems to be being planned now. We’ll check the details later. We hope to be a next-generation SNS that makes use of blockchain uniquely.

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