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New Tactics of Hong Kong Protesters: China’s ATMs and Banks Empty!

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Hong Kong protesters are calling on China to withdraw money from major ATMs to give economic warnings. Hong Kong protesters are trying something new on August 16, and withdraw their money from the banks into the US dollar.

Protesters in China develop a new protest tactic
Hong Kong protesters developed a new non-violent protest tactic. They are trying to send a message to the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong executive Carrie Lam by withdrawing all their money from ATMs and banks and converting them to US dollars. On August 16, Hong Kong protesters plan to withdraw as much money as possible from their banks or convert their money into US dollars, both to protect their own assets and to show that the semi-autonomous island is more than a cash source.

The publications at LIHKG, the version of Hong Kong’s Reddit, include cash from banks and photos showing that there is no more cash left at the ATMs. Hong Kong protests have been going on for 10 weeks and are becoming more and more violent. But the protesters became more and more creative. The latest method of protest is to shoot Carrie Lam and the People’s Republic of China in the most crucial place. Speaking to Business Insider, the inventor of this protest method said yesterday that 70 million Hong Kong dollars (about $ 9 million) had been withdrawn, but this discourse has not yet been confirmed by independent sources.

When and why did these protests begin?

According to the student, this protest tactic could work, because Carrie Lam and the People’s Republic of China attach great importance to the economy. According to China’s South China Morning Post newspaper, Hong Kong banks, after withdrawal calls, announced that they have enough cash to meet the growing demand.

The demonstrations in Hong Kong began in June due to a controversial bill that allowed extradition to China of suspected perpetrators. Although this controversial bill has been suspended due to the demonstrations, protesters continue their demonstrations at regular intervals to oppose China’s yoke.

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