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Nitish Kumar’s major decision: People over 60 will now receive government pension

This is a landmark move on behalf of the JD(U) head. Many agencies have reported that Nitin and his party will continue to oppose the triple talaq bill which is an NDA initiative. JD-U had voiced their opposition in the Rajya Sabha, pertaining to this matter.

Therefore, people above 60 will be receiving a pension of Rs. 400 every month. Rs 500 would be the pension for those above 80. 35 lakh people in the state will be beneficiaries of this scheme.

Ajay Alok has resigned as the JD(U) because he and Nitish were on bad terms. Alok had accused Mamata of turning Bengal into a “Mini-Pakistan”. He had referred to the growing problem of refugees in Didi’s state.

Parents who are neglected can now file a complaint and punishment may follow, along with a fine. Nitish said that if anybody ignores their parents, Bihar will not tolerate the behavior. As a result of his efforts, the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens amendment will be effective in various states.

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