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North Korea called two short-range missiles, second test in two and a half months


  • According to South Korea officials, North Korea left two short-range missiles in the eastern seas
  • Next month between America and South Korea is going to be maneuvered
  • Kim Jong warned them – Combined maneuvers may have an impact on North Korea and American relations

Seoul Despite an international warning, North Korea once again launched a missile on Thursday. The agency told the South Korean officials that North Korea has left two short-range missiles in the eastern seas. The missiles set a distance of 430 km. Military maneuvers between South Korea and the US are going to be held next month. There may be tensions in the Korean Peninsula due to North Korea’s missile test.

Dictator Kim Jong, he has warned that the joint operation between South Korea and the United States can ruin relations between North Korea and the United States. Kim said that this practice may have adverse effect on the ongoing talks between America and North Korea. North Korea had earlier tested it on May 9, in which two missiles were launched.

Japan said – there was no effect

According to the official, South Korean analysis has shown that both missiles were fired from the mobile launcher. This can be North Korea’s missile test, not inciting other countries. Because the launch of both missiles was done from a short distance. At the same time, Japan has said that these missiles have no effect in its sea area.

No effect of meeting with Trump

On June 30, US President Donald Trump met the North Korean ruler Kim in the Korean border (Dimitrized Zone). After this Trump also stepped in the North Korean border. He was the first American president to do this. So far between Trump and Kim, two meetings (Singapore and Vietnam) have been done. North Korea had agreed to end the nuclear program but he is constantly testing missiles.

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