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Nubank on customer charges: "We can't offer everyone the same alternative"


Nubank received an advance of criticism and requests for relief because of the coronavirus (Photo: Shutterstock)

“Futuro é Roxo” is one of Nubank's slogans, but for some customers the sign is red. With the crisis caused by the coronavirus, the company began to be charged – and continues to be – for some type of relief when it comes to paying the bill.

Even with the announcement of the R $ 20 million fund in partnership with companies with Rappi, iFood and Sírio-Libanês hospital, requests for postponement of collection did not abate. In addition, criticism of the use of the service began to appear.

A client from São Paulo, sought to know about the benefit through the application:

"It was at lunchtime, at 12:08 am on a Monday," he told the report. Until the publication of this text, he had not yet received an answer.

According to the customer, he learned that Nubank would pay the bill for the food delivered by iFood as the company itself described: “The entire purchase and delivery amount will be paid by Nubank”.

The response was generic, stating that the service capacity was reduced and that they would respond as soon as possible.

"They created the action, but they did not prepare for it, or it is just a scene game," he commented.

On sites like Reclame Aqui, similar messages began to appear.

To Bitcoin Portal, Nubank said that thousands of people have already benefited from the service:

"Since it was launched, the People First movement has helped thousands of customers through the announced partners, providing food, cleaning and hygiene products, in addition to medical and psychological tele-assistance," he said in a note.

Nubank Invoices

The installment or extension of the credit card bill is the main order of customers through social networks.

Nursing technician Stephanie Morais, from Montes Claros (MG), also used social media to try to postpone her bill, but was not answered when she asked the bank for help on Instagram.

In the report, she said that her salary is overdue and that she will not be able to pay her bill: “We are in crisis”.

Another customer also appealed on Facebook.

“Please help us as all financial companies are doing. Installing interest-free invoices would be a great attitude ”.

Questioned, the company said it has been working day and night to develop more flexible alternatives for the moment. “We have already adopted reduced interest rates and maturity extensions that have benefited thousands of customers. However, we understand that there is no single solution for all cases ”.

Unlike traditional banks or rival Banco Inter, which promised 60 more to pay the bills, Nubank took a different position:

“We need to assess the specific situation to see what is the best option that we can offer each customer. The solutions can vary if the consumer has a personal loan or just a credit card bill, if he is having trouble paying the bill at a lottery shop or if his income has been compromised ”.

For Nubank, it seems impossible to offer a general solution. Possibly because the credit card is the largest source of revenue for the company, which is in a phase of rapid expansion.

"If we had to automatically offer the same alternatives to everyone, the help we could give to customers who really need it would be very limited," said the company.

Nubank sent pizza

However, the company follows the policy of developing a good relationship with customers. A Twitter user and Nubank customer said the bank sent him a pizza – the day after the announcement of the action.

“In that quarantine, @nubank sent me a pizza. How can I not love this little purple boy? ”, published on the social network.

* Cláudio Goldberg Rabin collaborated

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