Oasys Announces Partnership with SBI VC Trade Compatible with SBI Web3 Wallet | coindesk JAPAN

Game-focused blockchain Oasys announced on March 24 that it has entered into a partnership with crypto asset exchange operator SBI VC Trade. Oasys is a blockchain project specializing in games with the concept of “Blockchain for Games”.

Through the partnership, first of all, it is said that the Oasys network will be compatible with the SBI Web3 wallet, which allows transactions in Japanese yen. By automatically exchanging the user’s crypto assets and Japanese yen, the SBI Web3 wallet is said to be able to realize a UX that makes it possible to trade item NFTs in blockchain games only in Japanese yen. In the future, we are considering various collaborations such as responding to the SBINFT Market of the NFT marketplace and providing liquidity at the international market maker B2C2.

Tomohiko Kondo, Managing Director of SBI VC Trade, said, “We are confident that the alliance will be a great force in expanding the potential for business expansion in our three Web domains.” We will provide strong support,” he said.

Oasys Director Daiki Moriyama also said, “For the mass adoption of blockchain games, it is essential to have a strong ecosystem partner. We look forward to considering it.”

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