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On the first day of the National Camp for the World Gymnastic Championship, none of the players reached


  • Army, railway players were to join the camp; Army players preparing for internal tournament, railway players in their camps
  • In December 2017, the players did not arrive at the National Camp for the Commonwealth Games on the first day.

Sports desk Gymnastics National Camps are once again in disputes after 19 months. The camp started at the IG Stadium of Delhi for the World Championship on Thursday, but only in the paper because one of the 16 gymnasts did not arrive for the first day to participate in the camp. Reason – Of the 8 gymnasts included in the men’s camp, seven are from the army while one is from the railway. The Army’s International Tournament is to be held from August 6. Her gymnast is preparing for this. At the same time, 4 out of 8 women camps have their gymnasts. The railway is running its own camp.

The responsibility of organizing the National Camp is of Sai. While participating in the camp, the players come from the National Association, State Association and the Sports Board of the Army Railway. The lack of coordination between the three players did not reach the camp. The sports boards of the Sai, the association and the army-railways responsible for the matter were fluttering. Sai sources said that no association gave us information about the international tournament. While the association says that Sai did not get information from them about camps or tournaments.

Three out of six coaches did not arrive till Thursday, the main coach Ashok Mishra and Bal Bisakar Sen from the three coaches of the men team could not even reach. A lady coach did not even arrive. There will be open trials only during the camp that runs till September 30. These will be selected from the team. The world championship is to be held in Germany from October 4.

The players were selected one month ago for the camp. The 16 players selected for the camp were selected from the trial a month ago. In the male, all the players were from the army and the railway while the woman has 4 railway, 3 of Maharashtra and one Bengal. There is no gymnast Deepa Karmakar, Aruna Reddy and Ashish Kumar who won the medal in the International Tournament at this camp.

Bhaskar’s reporter took the photograph, forcibly deleted. On Thursday, Bhaskar’s Reporter arrived in gymnastics hall in connection with the news of the camp. He clicked the photo of the photo. Coach Rohit Jaiswal came and told them that the photo you click has been deleted. They started taking the reporter’s mobile Then called the guard. The guard asked for an introduction letter. After showing the introduction letter by the reporter, the guard said that you can not take the photo. There is a ban on the arrival of the media. Forcibly delete the photo from the reporter. After this the guard removed the reporter.

Camp information for Commonwealth Games was given just 4 days in 2017

On the side of Gymnastics National Camp from Sai, the threat has already come. In December 2017, the National Camp for Commonwealth Games was given to the Association just four days ago. In such a short time, many players could not reach because they had to get permission and NOC from their respective departments, which were not found.

Sai said- According to the sources of the Federation, the federation had given us a late proposal to install the camp, according to Sai sources, the Gymnastics federation provided late evening proposal to the camp. After this, when Sai gave the date of the camp to the respective federation and its institutions, the information about any of the internal tournaments was not given to him. Apart from male players, some female players have not been able to attend the camp till Thursday. He told the cause of not getting the camp going ill. After recovering, they will join the camp.

The Federation said – Sai told about the camp, but did not ask us , Secretary of Indian Federation recognized by the Indian Olympic Association, said, “Sai told us about the camp. But they did not ask if there is no camp or tournament of the affilated association or organization. If Sai had taken this information, then this situation would not have happened. At the same time, Deepak Kamra, secretary of the International Federation of Indian federations recognized, said, “It is the responsibility of SAI to set up the camp so that the players do not suffer.”

The former coach of Sai spoke – the responsibility of making the calendar is of Sai, he should keep in mind that a former Sai coach, on condition of anonymity, said, “The responsibility of making the calendar for the camp is of Sai. He should keep in mind that when he is camping, there will be no National Federation or other Federation event. They should inform the federation about this. If a tournament is happening during this period, then they should change the date of the camp. Apart from this, the responsibility of the federation is also to inform SAI in advance about the tournament.

Men’s team coach Jaiswal said- After 9th August the army personnel will come in the camp, only the men’s team coach Rohit Jaiswal has reached. He said, ‘Camp has started from Thursday. The Army’s International Tournament is till 9th August. Only then will its players come. Aditya Singh Rana, a railway player, will soon be connected to the camp. I do not have any information about the coach. ‘ Rohit is also the coach of Play India. Camp Coordinator BS Bawa said on the phone that he is not in the stadium. Therefore, we can not tell which players have reported.

Unable to attend camp due to personal reasons: Ashok Mishra, coach of the women’s team coach , said, I am employed in Sai in Bengal. The Regional Director here has not relieved me for joining the camp. That’s why I have not been able to reach the camp. ” Manira Begum, coach of the women’s team, said, “I have not been able to join the camp starting from August due to some personal reason. I will be joining the camp on August 3. A coach, JP Chakraborty, has reached. ‘


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