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OneCoin (ONE) promoters have begun to reappear?


One of the biggest scams in the crypto money industry, the OneCoin (ONE) project has made a name for itself, despite the fact that it has hurt many people around the world and subsequently disappeared.

The OneCoin advertiser from Trinidad and Tobago, a country in the Caribbean, was reappeared while promoting OneCoin on YouTube. Cordel bilinen KingJayms ”known as James, the promoter, currently waiting for a trial in the United States detained OneCoin CEO Konstatin Ignatov ‘the best way to help, OneCoin to sell more people said.

Için To help our leader, you need to sell the product he cares most about. Because we have nothing else to hide, we are clean. ”

OneCoin Still Alive
The cryptocurrency trader, known for his Crypto Xpose user name, said he is committed to illuminating OneCoin fraud, and that all signs and evidence now show that net sales are slowing down.

Crypto Xpose believes that the trials in the US will start a chain reaction and that this will set a precedent in European countries and the pressure will finally be binding for Bulgaria. The OneCoin project, which is based in Bulgaria, can lead to the closure of the project after such printing.

OneCoin project officials replied that despite all this, they were Ponzi and replied that this was not real.

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