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Operation of 7-year-old child in Chennai, 526 teeth removed, 5 hours of operation


  • Doctors said – this condition may be due to mobile tower radiation or genetic disorder.
  • Doctors said that he was interacted for 5 hours to convince the child for the operation.

Chennai. Doctors carried out 526 teeth after operating the lower jaw of a 7-year-old child. The child’s right cheek was swollen and when the test was done, the child’s unnatural medical condition was detected. Doctors said that due to this unnatural development of teeth, radiation from the mobile tower can also be done. Doctors claim that this is the first case of their kind in the world. He named this situation compound composite ontom.

After the operation the child said- no pain anymore

  1. According to reports, Dr. P. Senthilanathan, oral surgeon of Savita Dental College, told that the boy had been suffering from swollen jaw for long periods of time. When the swelling is high, the parents come to the hospital with it. X-rays and CT-scan showed that there are many teeth in the jaw that are unfinished. In this case, surgery was decided.

  2. According to Senthilan, the teeth were in the interior of the jaw, which was difficult to see from outside. After giving anesthesia to the patient, a part of his jaw was extracted, which weighed 200 grams, during investigation 526 small, mid and large teeth found in it.

  3. Some teeth in it are very small. It took five hours to remove all the extra teeth from the jaw. Three days after surgery, the condition of the child became normal. After the operation the child said that he no longer has any pain.

  4. Doctors do not know the reason for such unnatural development. Some believe that this can be due to the radiation from the mobile tower or any genetic disorder.

  5. Doctors said that during the operation we allowed her healthy teeth to remain. Unexpected teeth were removed very carefully. Prior to this, no more teeth were found. Earlier in 2014, 232 teeth were removed from a boy’s mouth.

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