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“Our Improved performance is coming up!” – Virat Kohli on India Vs Pakistan match! #CWC2019

The 18th Match of the World Cup which was scheduled to be between India and New Zealand was cancelled due to rain. Team India captain Virat Kohli, who is due to face Pakistan after the cancellation of the match, said that the most behoove performance of the players of that match will come out. “For many years, this competition has been very tough. It is the most spectacular match in the world. It is a matter of pride for us to play in this competition.”

India will next face Pakistan on June 16 at Manchester, Old Trafford.

“When you go into the field, everything goes quiet,” Kohli said. For new entrants, it may be different, but for us it is like how we use our abilities. We have a plan on the match.

On Shikhar Dhawan’s injury, Kohli said, “Dhawan’s thumb will be plastered for a few weeks now. After that, we will see what their position is. We expect him to be ready to play soon. They can play in the second half and semifinals of the League round. We want to see him back in the team. ’

When the match was cancelled, Kohli said, “From the player’s perspective, the field was not safe to play. In this era of the tournament, we don’t want to see any player being injured. We’re playing better. After two wins, the team has become confident. After some practice sessions all will be fine.”

India won two out of three contests in the tournament so far. One was cancelled due to rain. India had beat South Africa in their first match. After that, the defending champions defeated Australia. Team India is at the third spot in the points table. The New Zealand team is occupied at the first position.

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