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Pakistan: Maulana Abdul Aziz captured Lal Masjid, said- Make me Imam

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Islamabad: The controversial Maulana Abdul Aziz has once again occupied the Lal Masjid in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Aziz says that he should be made Imam again of this government-controlled mosque. Since this development, tension has spread in the area near the mosque of Islamabad and a large number of security personnel are being deployed around the mosque, trying to drive out Maulana. Let us know that even before this, he has plagued the previous 2 governments.

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More than 100 girls in support of Maulana

According to reports in the Pakistani media, more than a hundred female students of her Jamia Hafsa Madrasa along with Maulana Abdul Aziz are also present in the mosque and supporting Maulana. <! –

                 Maulana Aziz's move has further aggravated the situation. The extremist-minded Maulana Aziz was removed from the post of Imam of this mosque. They demand that he be reinstated on it. The report said that there is no imam in the mosque at the moment, so taking advantage of the opportunity, Aziz entered the mosque 2 weeks ago.

Security personnel laid siege to the mosque
According to reports, the administration was also told about Maulana's occupation of the mosque but no quick action was taken. Now the result is that he is inside a large part of the mosque with 100 girl students closed and outside security personnel are under siege of the mosque. Officials arrived to talk to Maulana but Maulana said that he would not talk to anyone below federal minister level. Jumme prayers were read in a section of the mosque under strict guard. After this namaz no one was allowed inside.

'These people are not implementing Sharia'
According to Maulana's statement in the Pakistani media, he has said that "the authorities have asked to vacate the place of Jamia Hafsa and threatened action if not done." Supply of food and drink has also been stopped. But, we will stand for Islam. These people are not implementing Sharia in the country. ' The government says that the place built on Jamia Hafsa was illegally occupied. This place was a source of natural water, where the madrasa was built.

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