Polygon and Immutable announce game-specific network “Immutable zkEVM”

Joint project of Polygon and Immutable

It was revealed on the 20th that Polygon and Immutable, two projects that build an L2 scaling solution for cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH), have launched a project to build a dedicated network for games.

Polygon’s zkEVM technology and Immutable’s Web3 game platform will be combined to jointly build a scaling solution “Immutable zkEVM” to promote the expansion of Ethereum games.

The product is scheduled to be launched at the end of the second quarter of 2023. The initial documentation for game developers and the software development kit (SDK) have been released since the 20th.

Immutable zkEVM is based on zk-Rollup technology developed by Polygon. The feature of Polygon zkEVM is that it is designed to emulate Ethereum’s EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), and smart contracts can be deployed as is.

ImmutableX provides layer 2 solutions optimized for NFT games, as well as APIs and developer tools that make it easy to build on layer 2.

Based on Polygon’s next-generation scaling technology, this partnership is expected to further facilitate the development of Web3-enabled games by game developers by making Immutable game infrastructure available.

In addition, Immutable’s IMX token will be used to pay gas charges on Immutable zkEVM and to design incentives for sequences that verify off-chain transactions.

In addition, a bridge that enables asset transfer between the existing Immutable X and Polygon’s own networks will be installed, and the concept is to realize “cross roll-up liquidity” between token mutual transfer between ecosystems.

Robbie Ferguson, co-founder and president of Immutable, said that Polygon Labs’ shared belief in expanding Ethereum led him to team up with rival Polygon as an L2 network.

In January, Immutable announced “Immutable Passport,” a comprehensive solution to remove barriers to entry for general gamers.

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Polygon Labs president Ryan Wyatt is a former head of YouTube Gaming. Mr. Wyatt analyzed that the environment is being prepared to create “a really fun game that allows a seamless experience without the need for virtual currency jargon.” He said Immutable zkEVM would be the foundation to make that happen.

Polygon zkEVM itself is scheduled for mainnet beta release on March 27th.

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What is zk-Rollup?

zk-Rollup is a type of scaling solution that processes transactions off-chain (outside the main blockchain) to reduce network congestion. It aggregates (rolls up) thousands of transactions into a single proof, sends it to the main blockchain, and stores only the account state in blocks.

zk-Rollup uses cryptographic technology “Zero-Knowledge Proof” to guarantee the legitimacy of the bundled off-chain transactions without revealing the contents.

Immutable X is based on StarkEx’s zk-Rollup technology and can process 9,000 transactions per second without transaction fees (gas costs). After the launch of the Immutable zkEVM network, Immutable X will continue to operate independently.

What is a zero-knowledge proof?

A zero-knowledge proof is a method of cryptographically proving that a prover has knowledge of information without revealing the “actual information” to the verifier. It is attracting attention as a means of utilizing data while protecting privacy in a transparent environment of public chains such as Ethereum.

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